Born under a peripatetic star that meandered through the 70s in that most auspicious of months July and reported to have landed in the outskirts of London to a family of nomadic circus clowns and thieves. It is alleged that this wild eyed, desert blond, gingé bearded, motorbike riding, astronaut, rock-star-wannabe carbon-based life-form, who was raised by wolves and other beasties is in fact, of noble Scottish heritage.

And whilst not much is known of this back-dated connoisseur of tea, biscuits and spray-painted rats, it is whispered and wildly speculated that his vast sense of humour developed one day as a result of losing a bet with the God Poseidon, somewhere off the east coast of Africa.

All that we do know for sure, is that this peely-wally-chap continuously delights us with his quirky yet distinctive observations of a world largely unseen by most. Perhaps most evident, is his passion to always produce highly considered imagery, which succinctly expresses a beauty, richness, truth and humour like no other.

If you would like to know more about this nearly man, then please feel free to contact him via the contacts page. I'm sure he will be more than delighted to yack to you all night long about wondrous things. However, if you wish to see more of this oddity, please click on the portrait to enter a secret gallery of artistic narcissism. A list of Clients can be found HERE

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